Blackwing Pencil Kit

This exclusive special edition pencil kit is a remarkable culmination of a partnership between two companies, both highly committed to designing and delivering the finest tools for your space and your work. These companies have come together to create an exceptional product that emphasizes both function and form, ultimately enhancing your overall creative experience. The…

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Stay Sharp Out There

This special edition pencil kit is the result of a collaboration between two companies focused on creating the best tools for your space & your work. Custom-designed minimalist pencils and a stand that does more than just display, with integrated sharpening, tip-protection, and an aesthetic that keeps you inspired.

Clean & Composed
Blackwing’s roots go back to the 1930’s—their iconic pencils are made from incense-cedar and premium Japanese graphite, for an unparalleled writing experience. We wanted to inject the Grovemade aesthetic, and worked together to design a modern, clean look that pushes the stationery genre ahead and integrates into your workspace or studio.

Just in Reach
The pencil kit was designed to keep your pencils sharpened and carefully within reach. It’s storage / sculpture / stationery.

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